Thursday Nights

Thursday training continues to be very well attended, we had 30 athletes present last week. We split into 3 groups, with each group doing their own particular session. Group 1 did a 1x1k and 2 x2ks. Chris Morgan and Bill Stanley led out this group in an average pace of just under 3.30 per K, closely followed by a large pack which included the likes of Matt Hickmont, Muriel Hare and Paddy Ryan to name just 3. Group 2 did a 5x1 K session, they worked extremely hard as a group and were averaging just over 4 minutes per K. Group 3 did a 50 minute session that included 2x1mins, 2x2mins, 2x3mins, 1x4mins and 1x1k, average pace of this group just under 5mins per K. You can see from the above, that there is something for all standards on Thursday evening. We will be doing a similar type of session next Thursday, so if you are not one of our regulars why not come along and give it a try.

Some Upcoming Events.

DLR Bay 10k, 5th August.

Leopardstown 8k, 1st September.

Fit4life 5k, Shanganagh, 5th September.

Athlone Flatine Half Marathon, 14th September.

Tipperary Ladies 10k, 29th September.  

October, Cross country season commences, Wicklow Novice. ( Panel to be announced shortly)

Additional information